1. Introduction
2. Classification and new names
3. Distribution
3.1. Geographical sequence
3.2. Abbreviations Canada and USA
3.3. Subdivision of present-day Russia
3.4. Abbreviations Australia
4. Gender
5. References
5.1. Printed catalogues
5.2. C.P. Alexander

1. Introduction

The CCW includes over 17.000 taxa names, covering all genera, subgenera, species, subspecies, and synonyms for the families Cylindrotomidae, Limoniidae, Pediciidae, and Tipulidae (Insecta, Diptera, Nematocera, Tipuloidea). For all species and subspecies it includes:

  • the distribution, specified in countries, and for the larger countries, states, provinces, islands.
  • a reference citation for most of the important details in which it differs from the printed regional catalogues (for overview of the printed catalogues see under 5.1).
  • reference citation for all figures and relevant information published by C.P. Alexander, F.W. Edwards (westpalaearctic excepted), G. Theischinger, and as published in most of the fairly recent papers.

It has to be mentioned here that—although for all recognized species and subspecies the distribution is given as accurate and up-to-date as possible—processing of all relevant information is far from complete. New papers are processed upon arrival but, except for Alexander, Edwards, and Theischinger, the large majority of the papers published before 1992 has still to be looked at, a process that will take several decades.

Pjotr Oosterbroek

The author of the CCW,
Pjotr Oosterbroek

Thanks to Ruud Altenburg (ETI BioInformatics), the website has been developed in such a way that it should be self-explaining, including the download possibility in Excel. Nevertheless, we hope that visitors and users will contact us about comments and additions in orde to improve the functionality as well as the content of the CCW.

It is thanks to mental support by Tinde van Andel (NLBIF) and financial support from GBIF that the CCW could be made available on the web (ECAT grant 20040301-02).

Pjotr Oosterbroek
e-mail: p.oosterbroek@chello.nl

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