1. Introduction
2. Classification and new names
3. Distribution
3.1. Geographical sequence
3.2. Abbreviations Canada and USA
3.3. Subdivision of present-day Russia
3.4. Abbreviations Australia
4. Gender
5. References
5.1. Printed catalogues
5.2. C.P. Alexander

5.1. Printed catalogues

The CCW started by digitizing the printed regional catalogues. Then, all available subsequent papers were checked and at present new papers are usually processed upon arrival. The CCW includes a reference citation for most of the important details in which it differs from the printed regional catalogues. These catalogues are:

1965. A catalog of the Diptera of America north of Mexico. Alexander, C.P.: Tipulidae, 16-90 (deals with all four families).
1970. A catalogue of the Diptera of the Americas south of the United States. 4. Alexander, C.P. & Alexander, M.M.: Tipulidae, 1-259 (deals with all four families).
1973. A Catalog of the Diptera of the Oriental Region. Vol. I. Alexander, C.P. & Alexander, M.M.: Tipulidae, 1-224 (deals with all four families).
1980. Catalogue of the Diptera of the Afrotropical Region. Hutson, A.M.: Tipulidae, 47-91, 1225, 1228, 1230 (deals with all four families).
1989. Catalog of the Diptera of the Australasian and Oceanian Regions. Oosterbroek, P.: Tipulidae, 53-116, 798-799 (deals with all four families).
1992. Catalogue of Palaearctic Diptera, Vol. 1. Oosterbroek, P. & Theowald, Br.: Tipulidae, 56-178; Soos, A. & Oosterbroek, P.: Cylindrotomidae, 179-182; Savchenko, E.N., Oosterbroek, P. & Stary, J.: Limoniidae, 183-369 (this chapter includes the Pediciidae).

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