1. Introduction
2. Classification and new names
3. Distribution
3.1. Geographical sequence
3.2. Abbreviations Canada and USA
3.3. Subdivision of present-day Russia
3.4. Abbreviations Australia
4. Gender
5. References
5.1. Printed catalogues
5.2. C.P. Alexander

5.2. C.P. Alexander

Charles P. Alexander (1889-1981) without doubt was the most outstanding specialist of Craneflies ever. His 1055 publications on these flies run from 1910 to 1981 and he is author of two-third of the over 17.000 taxa included in the CCW (Genera and Subgenera: 256, species and subspecies: 10890, synonyms: 386).

The CCW includes reference to all figures published by Alexander (for a of total 7.798 (sub)species), as well as most of the other relevant information (f.e., biology, habitat, immature stages, the subsequent description of the male for species described after females first, etc.).

All Alexander papers are included in the reference database. Papers published in parts and/or issued on different dates have been split; four of Alexanders papers were not listed before; resulting in a total of 1055 entries.

An effort has been made to provide the date of publication for all the Alexander papers. From this it has become apparent that some 10% of these papers were not published in the year mentioned in the printed regional catalogues but were issued one year later, occasionally in the preceding year or even two years later.

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