1. Introduction
2. Classification and new names
3. Distribution
3.1. Geographical sequence
3.2. Abbreviations Canada and USA
3.3. Subdivision of present-day Russia
3.4. Abbreviations Australia
4. Gender
5. References
5.1. Printed catalogues
5.2. C.P. Alexander

3. Distribution

The distribution of the species and subspecies is given in countries. For larger countries (Canada, USA, China, etc) more detailed information is generally provided (states, provinces, islands).

The distribution pulldown-menus include all countries and islands as found in the CCW.

Recent political developments are taken into account (f.e., Yugoslavia has been replaced by one or more of the six countries now recognized; the same applies for the western and southern parts of the former USSR).

The zoogeographic regions are as defined in the printed catalogues; the regions are separated by a double-semicolon (;;).

For species in one country but in two regions, the country is listed twice (f.e., China (Zhejiang);; China (Fujian), or Indonesia (Sumatra);; Indonesia (Maluku)).

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