1. Introduction
2. Classification and new names
3. Distribution
3.1. Geographical sequence
3.2. Abbreviations Canada and USA
3.3. Subdivision of present-day Russia
3.4. Abbreviations Australia
4. Gender
5. References
5.1. Printed catalogues
5.2. C.P. Alexander

2. Classification and new names

The CCW follows the recent insights in the classification of the four families, for the first time applying them worldwide. This means that the CCW includes a number of new combinations, not published as such before in printed form.

Until recently, some workers treated all Craneflies as one family, Tipulidae, with three subfamilies, Limoniinae, Cylindrotominae, and Tipulinae. In recent years, and especially after Stary, 1992, it has become general practise to recognize four families (Stary, J., 1992. Phylogeny and classification of Tipulomorpha, with special emphasis on the family Limoniidae. - Acta Zoologica Cracoviensia 35: 11-36).

Apart from adjustments according to gender, the CCW does not include new names. There are however several preoccupied names that await replacement.

The appendix gives an overview of the classification of the four families into subfamilies, genera, and subgenera.

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