Details for Dicranomyia (Idiopyga) ctenopyga
Name:Dicranomyia (Idiopyga) ctenopyga (Alexander, 1943)
Publication:Am. Midl. Nat. 29: 156 (as Limonia)
Status:Recognized taxon.
Classification:Family Limoniidae
Subfamily Limoniinae
Descriptive note:Possibly identical with retrograda Alexander.
Keys:Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007 (Limoniinae Mongolia and nearby)
Dicranomyia (Idiopyga) ctenopyga : hypopygiumDicranomyia (Idiopyga) ctenopyga : hypopygiumDicranomyia (Idiopyga) ctenopyga : wingDicranomyia (Idiopyga) ctenopyga : habitat
Distribution:USA (Colo to Mich);; Russia: RUN, RUE, North Caucasus;; Russia: WS (Altay, Tuva), ES (Taymyr, south), FE (Magadan oblast, Kamchatka, Primorskiy kray); Kazakhstan (east); Mongolia.
Note: see the manual for abbreviations: Canada and USA; present-day Russia.
Region(s):Nearctic;; Westpalaearctic;; Eastpalaearctic
Wing: Alexander, 1943a (orig descr)
Hypopygium: Alexander, 1943a (orig descr); Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007
Citationson biology (mainly from 2000 onward):
Habitat. Yadamsuren et al., 2015: 475 (terrestrial).
Habitat. Gavryushin in litt., 2011f: (collected in a mixed forest
on characters and taxonomy (mainly from 2000 onward):
Country irrelevant
Phylogeny. Boldgiv, 2006: 96-154 (one of the 84 morphological taxa from northern Mongolia in a consistency test of morphology based species identification of crane flies against DNA-barcoding identification using 536-base-pair sequence profiles of the COI gene, also known as the DNA barcode).
Key. Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007: 57-58 (key, figs).
on distribution (mainly from 2000 onward):
First record. Devyatkov, 2013: 86 (loc(s) East Kazakhstan).
Distribution. Devyatkov, 2020a: 51 (loc(s) East Kazakhstan, distr) (in Russian).
Distribution. Boldgiv, 2006: 153 (loc(s)).
First record. Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007: 57 (new for Mongolia, without further details).
Distribution. Yadamsuren et al., 2015: 475 (loc(s) Mongolia).
Distribution. Gavryushin in litt., 2011f: (loc(s) RUN: Arkhangelskaya oblast, also collected on the Taymyr Peninsula).
Distribution. Kolcsar et al., 2021b: 35 (loc(s) RUE: Tatarstan Rep.).
on flight period (mainly from 2000 onward):
Devyatkov, 2013: month(s): 6, 8-9.
Devyatkov, 2020a: month(s): 6-9.
Gavryushin in litt., 2011f: month(s): 8.
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: month(s): 6.
on altitude (mainly from 2000 onward):
Devyatkov, 2020a: altitude: 300-727 m.
Gavryushin in litt., 2011f: altitude: 36 m.
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: altitude: 60 m.

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