Details for Dicranomyia (Dicranomyia) consimilis
Name:Dicranomyia (Dicranomyia) consimilis (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Publication:Insecta Lapp.: 837 (as Limnobia)
Status:Recognized taxon, Synonym(s): mesosternata Alexander, 1919.
Classification:Family Limoniidae
Subfamily Limoniinae
Keys:Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007 (Limoniinae Mongolia and nearby); Stubbs and Kramer, 2016h; Stubbs, 2021 (British craneflies); Podenas et al., 2019a (Dicranomyia Korea)
Dicranomyia (Dicranomyia) consimilis : habitus - maleDicranomyia (Dicranomyia) consimilis : habitus - maleDicranomyia (Dicranomyia) consimilis : habitus - femaleDicranomyia (Dicranomyia) consimilis : body part(s) - antennaDicranomyia (Dicranomyia) consimilis : body part(s) - leg
body part(s)
body part(s)
plus 12 more images of hypopygium, hypopygium, hypopygium, hypopygium, ovipositor, wing, wing, wing, habitat, habitat, habitat and habitat.
Distribution:Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (Corsica), Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden; Russia: RUN, RUC, RUE;; Russia: ES (south), FE (Magadan oblast, Primorskiy kray, Sakhalin, Kuril Is); Kazakhstan (east); Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu), China (Sichuan).
Note: see the manual for abbreviations: present-day Russia.
Region(s):Westpalaearctic;; Eastpalaearctic
General note:Listed for Corsica by Podenas et al., 1997. For Finland check Salmela, 2012b, 2012c, and citations below. For Norway check Olsen et al., 2018, and citations below. For Great Britain check Stubbs, 2021, and citations below.
Map:Podenas et al., 2019a (Korea)
Habitus: Kato 2023 (female)
Head: Podenas et al., 2019a (antenna)
Wing: Podenas and Cinciukas, 2006; Podenas et al., 2019a
Hypopygium: Savchenko and Krivolutskaya, 1976; Podenas and Cinciukas, 2006; Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007; Podenas et al., 2019a
Ovipositor: Podenas et al., 2019a
Other figures: Podenas et al., 2019a (tarsomeres)
Citationson biology (mainly from 2000 onward):
Habitat. Salmela and Ilmonen, 2005: 89, 92 (review European habitats: moist soil, mires, seepages, boggy ground, shaded streamsides; in Finland found in an eutrophic fen and mesotrophic mire).
Biology. Podenas et al., 2019a: 21 (period of flight; altitudes; only occasionally comes to light).
Habitat. Podenas and Cinciukas, 2006: 71-72 (Alnus glutinosa groves on riverbanks).
Habitat. Przhiboro, 2003: 364 (water margin zone of an oligotrophic lake; rearing).
South Korea
Habitat. Podenas et al., 2019a: 21 (most specimens were collected from shade area of rocks along fast running streams surrounded by mixed forests, some specimens could be observed further from water in sheltered places).
on characters and taxonomy (mainly from 2000 onward):
Country irrelevant
Phylogeny. Ahonen, 2007: 1-28 (included in phylogenetic analysis of Tipuloidea subfamilies relationships based on molecular data).
Great Britain
Characters. Kramer, 2016c: 3 (species look a-likes: D. didyma and D. consimilis; these two species have a similar appearnce, the wings having a rom of 4 dark spots along the costal edge and could easily be confused).
Description. Podenas et al., 2019a: 12-15, 18-21 (descr, key, comparison, figs).
Key. Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007: 42-43 (key, figs).
on distribution (mainly from 2000 onward):
Distribution. Petersen and de Jong, 2001b: 148 (checklist).
Distribution. Stary, 2004f: (Fauna Europaea: added Estonia).
Distribution. Salmela and Ilmonen, 2005: 89, 92 (loc(s), review Finnish distribution).
Distribution. Salmela et al., 2007b: 45 (loc(s)).
Distribution. Salmela, 2012b: 236 (annotated list of Finnish crane flies).
Distribution. Salmela and Petrasiunas, 2014: 29 (checklist Finnish Tipulomorpha).
Great Britain
Distribution. Kramer, 2008d: 1 (historical record Scotland).
Distribution. Stubbs, 2008b: 2 (only known from the Scottish Highlands, distr).
Distribution. Kramer, 2016c: 3 (a rare northern species).
First record. Kolcsar et al., 2021b: 34 (loc(s) Piemonte).
Distribution. Kimura et al., 2011: 94 (on species composition and abundance in higland lakes on Honshu, loc(s)).
Distribution. Kato, 2023: 24-25 (loc(s) Honshu) (in Japanese).
First record. Devyatkov, 2013: 85 (loc(s) East Kazakhstan).
Distribution. Devyatkov, 2020a: 49 (loc(s) East Kazakhstan, distr) (in Russian).
Distribution. Podenas, 2013: 14 (literature overview of North and South Korean records).
Distribution. Pakalniskis et al., 2006: 18 (checklist).
First record. Podenas and Cinciukas, 2006: 71-72 (loc(s), dist.).
First record. Podenas and Gelhaus, 2007: 42 (new for Mongolia, without further details).
North Korea
First record. Podenas et al., 2019a: 19, 104 (loc(s), map).
Distribution. Olsen et al., 2018: 160-161 (annotated checklist Nordic countries and for Norway according to the Strand regions).
Distribution. Przhiboro, 2003: 364 (loc(s) NW Russia).
Distribution. Pilipenko and Sidorenko, 2006b: 147 (loc(s) Kedrovaya Pad, distr) (in Russian).
Distribution. Polevoi and Humala, 2007: 135 (RUN: list of Diptera of Chukozero area, Kareliya) (in Russian).
Distribution. Humala and Polevoi, 2009: 66 (loc(s) RUN: Kareliya) (in Russian).
Distribution. Humala and Polevoi, 2009: 66 (loc(s) RUN: Kareliya) (in Russian).
Distribution. Pilipenko, 2009c: 333 (loc(s) Lazovsky Nature Reserve, Primorskiy kray).
Distribution. Gavryushin in litt., 2011f: (loc(s) RUN: Arkhangelskaya oblast).
Distribution. Paramonov and Pilipenko, 2016: 99 (loc(s) RUC: Tverskaya oblast, distr) (in Russian).
Distribution. Pilipenko et al., 2020: 359 (loc(s) RUC: Mordoviya Rep., distr).
Distribution. Kolcsar et al., 2021b: 34-35 (loc(s) RUE: Bashkortostan Rep. and Tatarstan Rep.).
Distribution. Humala and Polevoi, 2022: 33 (loc(s) RUN: Arkhangelskaya oblast).
South Korea
Distribution. Jo, 2012: 68 (checklist Limoniidae South Korea, unconfirmed).
Distribution. Podenas et al., 2019a: 18-19, 104 (loc(s), map).
on flight period (mainly from 2000 onward):
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: month(s): 9.
Kato, 2023: month(s): 5-11.
Devyatkov, 2013: month(s): 7-8.
Devyatkov, 2020a: month(s): 8.
Podenas et al., 2019a: month(s): 5-10.
Podenas and Cinciukas, 2006: month(s): 6, 8.
Przhiboro, 2003: month(s): 7.
Pilipenko and Sidorenko, 2006b: month(s): 7.
Pilipenko, 2009c: month(s): 7.
Gavryushin in litt., 2011f: month(s): 8.
Paramonov and Pilipenko, 2016: month(s): 7-9.
Pilipenko et al., 2020: month(s): 9.
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: month(s): 5-8.
on altitude (mainly from 2000 onward):
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: altitude: 110 m.
Kimura et al., 2011: altitude: 764-822 m.
Devyatkov, 2020a: altitude: 386-980 m.
Podenas et al., 2019a: altitude: 0-2000 m.
Podenas and Cinciukas, 2006: altitude: 62 m.
Gavryushin in litt., 2011f: altitude: 14-19 m.
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: altitude: 75-765 m.

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