Details for Dicranomyia (Idiopyga) lulensis
Name:Dicranomyia (Idiopyga) lulensis (Tjeder, 1969)
Publication:Opusc. Ent. 34: 250 (as Limonia)
Status:Recognized taxon.
Classification:Family Limoniidae
Subfamily Limoniinae
Dicranomyia (Idiopyga) lulensis : habitus - maleDicranomyia (Idiopyga) lulensis : habitus - femaleDicranomyia (Idiopyga) lulensis : hypopygiumDicranomyia (Idiopyga) lulensis : hypopygiumDicranomyia (Idiopyga) lulensis : ovipositor
plus one additional image of wing.
Distribution:Finland, Norway, Sweden.
General note:For Finland check Salmela, 2012b, 2012c, and citations below.
Citationson biology (mainly from 2000 onward):
Biology. Salmela, 2008: 11, 29, 40, 51 (49) (ecology or habitat: swamp, found from headwater streams and oligotrophic fen; conservation value indicator).
Habitat. Salmela, 2011a: 1-28 (study on three wetland habitats: aapa mires, springs and headwater streams).
Habitat. Salmela, 2012c: 9, 10 (locally abundant in swampy mires).
on characters and taxonomy (mainly from 2000 onward):
Country not relevant
Phylogeny. Salmela et al., 2014: 2-4, 15 (char, DNA-barcoding, phylogeny).
on distribution (mainly from 2000 onward):
First record. Salmela, 2008: 11, 40, 51 (49) (loc(s), known from 2 of the Finnish ecoregions, apparently absent from the southern part of Finland, review distr).
Distribution. Salmela, 2011a: 24 (loc(s) subalpine northern boreal Finland).
Distribution. Salmela, 2012b: 236 (annotated list of Finnish crane flies).
Distribution. Salmela, 2012c: 9, 16 (among list of endemic Fennoscandian crane flies, review of distribution).
Distribution. Salmela and Petrasiunas, 2014: 30 (checklist Finnish Tipulomorpha).
Distribution. Salmela et al., 2014: 4 (loc(s)).
Distribution. Salmela et al., 2015: 100 (list of localities in extensive report on malaise-trapping of insects in conservation areas in Lapland in 2012–2014) (in Finnish).
First record. Kolcsar et al., 2021b: 45-46 (loc(s) Finnmark).
on flight period (mainly from 2000 onward):
Salmela, 2012c: month(s): starting mid August.
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: month(s): 8.
on altitude (mainly from 2000 onward):
Kolcsar et al., 2021b: altitude: 380-420 m.

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